Chef Dennis Delves comes to Palm Beach with the ultimate in premium smoked beef jerky! As owner and creator of Happy Campers Smoked Steak Jerky,  he is proud to deliver the highest quality meat; marinated, smoked, and seasoned to perfection. Chef Delves' beef jerkey is hand prepared within 2 weeks of shipping to you, it's fresh and tasty.

Happy Campers Smoked Steak Jerky is the most delicious jerky on the planet. Saturated with flavor, our premium beef jerky is great as an indoor or outdoor snack, in a lunchbox or on the go. Not only is it a good source of protein, its lasting shelf life makes it excellent for backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing, or storing for future use.

Our Flavors


Chef Delves has won many culinary awards over the course of his career. He has spent 30 years perfecting his steak jerky and adding new tasty flavors.